He is honored to say he has had the privilege to work with Derek Trucks, Two Chains, Limp Bizkit, Cold, Terry Balsamo of Evanescance and NOFX. He has collaborated with the artists T-Pain, Richie Havens, Elvin Bishop, and Crowbar. His credentials also include having worked with Jeremy Parker (Godsmack, Hell Yeah, Evanescance, Cold, Mudvayne) and Steve Savage (Robert Cray, Elvin Bishop).

Chris is skilled in Protools, Logic, and Ableton Live, vocal editing, instrument editing, beat detective and Melodyne. He works efficiently in demanding situations with precision and compassion.

His goal is to help you achieve success and a return on your investment by giving you an industry standard sounding recording at a fair price.

His Influences include Tommy Dowd, Terry Date, Les Paul, Dave Pensado, CLA, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Ross Robinson  and Joe Barrissi to name a few.